Our Mission Statement

To facilitate the creation of online communities between content creators and their viewers through a cooperative monetization system, a fully functional copyright system and a prioritization of free speech. Our company will strive to be completely transparent to earn the trust of viewers and content creators. We will be in constant communication with content creators and viewers to ensure we are fulfilling our goals.

Who are we and what do we do?

We provide a platform for people to upload videos, livestream, host podcasts and communicate/interact with viewers.

We facilitate brand/merchandise deals between creators and third-party companies (we do the work for you when it comes to negotiating deals with vendors).

On our platform, creators do not make profit largely from ad revenue. Instead, creators make profit directly from their loyal viewers. One of the things that YouTubers do to combat YouTube's non-functioning monetization system is set up Patreon accounts (as a way for viewers to directly support them). With our system, we bring “Patreon” and “YouTube” together on one platform. Creators can upload content and then decide which content is worth going behind a paywall. Viewers can then pay for a subscription to the creators’ premium content.

What are our goals?

This whole company started off with a question that in no means encapsulates the complexity of a video sharing platform, but was certainly part of it. This question is as follows: Can a video-sharing platform be profitable on its own? From this question more questions were brought to light such as: How can we avoid the problems YT faces with copyright? How do we balance free speech on such a platform? and so on. Above all, we simply want to create a website that facilitates the creation of fun, creative, and inspirational content.

How do we plan on achieving said goals?

· Monetization
· Copyright
· Privacy
· Transparency
· Free Speech
· Deterring echo chambers


This is a vital part to not only ensure our financial success but also the financial success of creators who aspire to monetize their own content. We have many ideas on how we can do this that can work in conjunction, but some models take more time to implement than others. Our strategy is a freemium model where anyone with or without an account can post images and comment on our site. Those with an account can see their post history as well as follow others and more. You do not need to pay for an account. You also do need an account to post videos on our site. If you would like to pay for a premium subscription, depending on the tier you will get access to things like advanced comment posting, high quality image uploads, and custom theme creation. All tiers remove ads site wide.


This is a huge issue among video sharing platforms and the internet as a whole. We are working hard to ensure our copyright system works for everyone. What does this mean? This means that work that is copywritten can get flagged by the owner of said work. On the other hand we will ensure that this system cannot be abused where issues of false copyright flags are involved. We have a dual responsibility of protecting the copyrights of people and organizations as well as protecting people’s work that is posted on our site and we will protect both groups of people. ProtoPlay is a moderator of content, not a publisher. What this means is we do not and have no aspiration to curate the content on our site. We will however enforce our terms and conditions which can be found on our website and includes copywritten content. We are not responsible for and do not endorse any content that is posted on our site; therefore we cannot tell people what they can or cannot post on our site with limited exceptions.


ProtoPlay recognizes that privacy is a growing issue with the internet and will therefore prioritize mitigating this issue on our site. We will only collect the data that is absolutely essential for us to collect including your email when you make an account to send you updates, as well as your search history on our site, so you can view it and optimize your recommended feed.


Even a small amount of transparency can really go a long way. You will never have to worry about ProtoPlay not being transparent. We believe in not only giving you updates to our website / Terms and Conditions etc. but there will be a name and a face behind everything we do. You will know who you are working with whether it’s about updates to our Terms, dealing with bugs, or dealing with copyright issues. We also have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you can reach us.

Free Speech

We do not make a clear line between free speech and hate speech. Regarding speech that has legal implications such as libel and credible threats, we will take those instances very seriously and stand ready to be in full cooperation with authorities if those instances arise. Regarding saying things that offend people, we will not police it. While racist, sexist, homophobic etc. remarks will not be policed on our website, we hope all users understand that our team does not endorse or support racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry. We also wish anyone who uses our site who genuinely believes in such ideological doctrines understand that such philosophies are unproductive, wrong and in its worst form, dangerous. To be clear, we will not dictate what is or is not acceptable speech.

Echo Chambers

This is a growing topic in our company and are open to new ideas of how to deal with this problem. One way we will deal with this is through developing a comment system that diversifies the points of views on a video or image. This means that even if most people agree with a video, you will still see a comment(s) that disagree with a video in order to get multiple points of view. This is just a small insight of what we plan on doing to prevent echo chambers from forming along with deterring people who have radical ideologies.